The True Adventures of Jepcomix


A Subway Adventure (2010)

Getting My Ass Kicked (2007)

Roger the Inappropriate Neighbour (2011)

Reunion Ghost (2005)


About Richard Dawkins’ People Skills (2010)

Listening to Friends Tell Lies (2010)

Burlington, Vermont (2010)

The Honking Swan (2010)

Talking to the TV 01 (2010)

Talking to the TV 02 (2010)

Talking to the TV 03 (2010)

Talking with _Old_ Friends (2010)

The Perfect Baloney Sandwich (2010)

Apologizing to Another Blog (or: Where’s the Music, Motherfucker?) (2010)

Talking to my Students (2010)

Picture This (2010)

Talking with My Wife (2010)

Talking to Marjan (2010)

Talking with Friends (2010)

Talking to the Shrink 01 (2010)

Talking to the Shrink 02 (2010)

Talking to the Mirror (2010)

Counting Blessings (2010)

Bad Driver (2010)

Sh-sh-sh-Shakin! (2011)

At Prince (2011)

Guitar Lessons (2011)

Talking with Marjan 02 (2011)

God Wants Us To Be Rich (2011)

Bike Race! (2011)

Shrinks Talking to Superheroes (2011)

God Wants Us To Be Rich (2011)


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