Mean New Song!

Godless Saturday and today were swell – Marjan and I went to see a free movie about two funky art collectors and then had some pints with two friends. It was even nice out. Then we went home and watched The Big Lebowski. Then I played Bioshock Infinite, and then I went to bed.

Today I woke up and had a coffee. Then I went and hid in the basement and recorded this little number, a demo for the band called Half Cock. I was going for the REM Monster sound and got somewhere in the right range. Weird way of singing. Middle bit needs something.

Good weekend.


Me and My Crazy Little Sister part 2

Joy and I wrote this just an hour ago. She’s got Celiac Disease and hasn’t had a Cheerio since she was a baby. When she was a kid, she’d tell me about dreams she had, where she was frollicking with Shreddies and cookies. It’s called I Won’t Be Gluten Free When I’m Dead. Joy’s the same person who starred in this comic. If you want to hear more of her music, visit her blog This Is Joy Clayton’s Music.

From the Jimmy Rabbits show: Your Sadness is Bringing Me Down

This is a jeptune – performed with Jimmy Rabbits Family Reunion at The Sister in Toronto, last week.

Creative Commons Restricted License on the song.

Jimmy Rabbits Family Reunion

My pals and I have a Friday night band – we gather in a jam space and drink beer and play covers. We’ve been doing it for about 4 years, with four members – myself, my lovely lady Marjan, my oldest and best friend Kro and a co-teacher, Anne – and a rotating cast of trained and untrained drummers.

We have lately been playing with a genuine, experienced musician (another co-teacher) named John, and he has pushed us to do a show – 12 originals and a couple of covers on hand in case we need. It’s been interesting to aim our intentions somewhere, and fun to prepare the posters etc.

We’ll be playing The Sister on February 1st, with The Most Loyal. Here’s the main reason I mention it – Kro’s gig poster, which I love.


A Fire in Your House

This is me playing with Tony Schwartz’s audio recording of the same name.

Crossfade By Walking

This was recorded walking through Central Park in NYC with the Info Pusher, enjoying a series of buskers on a sunny March day.

I Missed the Store By 50 Miles

I recorded and wrote this song with some really delightful middle school kids waay back in 2004, and grabbed out-the-window footage over the next 8 years, off and on. I still love this song.

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