From the Jimmy Rabbits show: Your Sadness is Bringing Me Down

This is a jeptune – performed with Jimmy Rabbits Family Reunion at The Sister in Toronto, last week.

Creative Commons Restricted License on the song.



The Info Pusher and I took a trip to BC a few years ago to see our good friend Nick, but he wasn’t there. We made this short video in revenge. I’d forgotten that I’d put it on youtube, and just found it.

I Missed the Store By 50 Miles

I recorded and wrote this song with some really delightful middle school kids waay back in 2004, and grabbed out-the-window footage over the next 8 years, off and on. I still love this song.

Home Movie 01

Captured off the balcony, Lodge las Ranas, Samara, Costa Rica. Best viewed full screen, headphones on, and hot.

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