About this

Thanks for visiting my webhouse! This site combines what were once three different blogs – (bad)monkeyX, The True Adventures of Jepcomix, and A Different Fish – which were all by me, but concerned with different things (music, my comics, and education).

I’m rarely writing about music anymore – the odd prop to a good record or show, almost no reviews. I still rant about education when the mood strikes. Mostly I’m in a good comics flow.

Newest best thing: a new weekly strip called That’s Me in the Corner. Decades in the making, it’s the story of how my family went koo-koo for religion in the 1970s, how I lost my faith in the 1980s, and how I’ve tried to find a comfortable way to live god-free in the many moons since. Not sure how long this’ll go on, but I expect several years. I hope you dig it.

peace out,

mister jep

(j e p c o m i x at g m a i l)


4 Responses to About this

  1. rampike says:

    Hey are you from Sarnia Ontario?

  2. misterjep says:

    Hiya – Just looked at your own blog – looks like you’re living an interesting life! Your writing is good stuff too. I also saw your age, and know we didn’t know one another – I left Sarnia 24 years ago exactly. I went to St. Pat’s in HS.

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