Ball Street Progress Update

So I’ve got an application in to the TCAF people (Toronto Comic Arts Festival, the comics gathering that isn’t concerned with superheroes). No idea if I’ll get in, but I hope to have Ball Street ready and printed properly as a comic book with a glossy cover. Krishan and I are going to work on it over the winter break – he’s going to pretty it up with digital ink.


The comic’s a re-do of another, shorter comic I did in 2012 right after my adventure in Vermont at the CCS. I was trying to do the whole thing in a pure way – no computers. I inked it myself, and you can see what that’s worth. I’ve got a ton to learn about inking, and know even less about how to shade/colour effectively. Krishan, on the other hand, did Beep Beep with me and made it look like this:


So I am looking forward to it. I’ve drawn the whole book except the cover. I can see a bunch of panels I should redo, but it’s very close to complete. I’ll show you – look!


It’s a fun, interesting, looong process. This silly story has been underway for several years, believe it or not. When it’s done it’ll take 50 seconds to read and be done. Ta Da!


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